Tecademics Tec Week

The Tecademics TEC Week training from Tecademics also known as the Tec Masters course, costs $12,000 to attend. It is a two year tuition made up of both live classes on campus as well as online training. The second year allows you to repeat the classes you have taken in the first year (referred to as an ‘audit’ of the classes). This is an advanced course building on the knowlege gained from the Impact course. The tuition fee allows two people to attend, either a spouse or business partner and you get 120 credit hours that you can use to select from the large variety of subjects on offer.

Auditing classes allows you to re-attend classes to ensure that you understand the material without using up your credit hours. Another concession is that the student and their partner do not have to attend the same classes so in theory, one can double the training between the two students who would have to cross train each other afterwards if practical.

Since Tecademics launched in August 2016, the first TEC Week classes were released and scheduled to run from December 5th to December 9th, 2016. There are 64 new classes scheduled for 2017 at time of writing.
Here is a breakdown of the first TEC Week subjects to choose from:

Credit Management presented by Anthony Gaalaas
Facebook Advertising 101 presented by Sam Bell
Facebook Advertising 201 presented by Sam Bell
Financial Literacy presented by Cherry Fajardo
Google Advertising 101 presented by Dimitris Skiadas
Google Advertising 201 presented by Dimitris Skiadas
Internet Marketing Strategies 101
Legal Foundations presented by Kevin Kennedy
Office/Business Management presented by Dr. Melissa Hartman
Negotiations presented by Phil Lechter
Pay-per-Click (PPC) 101 presented by Sam Bell
Print on Demand presented by Nishant Bhardwaj
Promoting Your Professional Self
Sales 101 presented by Eric Loftlem
SEO 101 presented by Josh Earp
SEO 201 presented by Josh Earp
Shopify 101 presented by Dr. John Alfredsson
Shopify 201 presented by Dr. John Alfredsson
Social Media Marketing Strategies presented by Terry Kurtzer
Writing a Business Plan presented by Dr. Melissa Hartman

As a TEC Week student, you must already be activated on the affiliate program and so are elligible to earn commissions on any sales of the TEC Week product. At a minumum, you will get 20% commission which comes to $2,000 per sale and as an qualified and activated affiliate, you get $4,000 per sale except on every 5th sale when you share half the commission with your upline.