Checklist For Health And Safety Director Responsibilities

As the health and safety director for your organization, you have the responsibilities of keeping employees safe, trained to maintain a level of safety at all times and be appraised of what is going on regarding health and safety.

To be sure your employees have all the training they need, you may need to hire an individual to help you with this aspect of your position.

You must assess the workplace for any potential hazards. Implement signage as needed to warn individuals of any potential risks or dangers. Assess the level of safety equipment needed on the premises. You and your associate who helps you with your duties should assess the need for safety boots, reflective gear, goggles, anti-slip flooring and the like. Always make sure that lighting is ample in the workplace.

Is everyone trained on a routine basis to understand the safety rules and procedures? You want to hold regular training sessions, especially for new hires. The board must also be consulted with to be sure that all concerns are addressed in meetings and training session.

Writing a safety policy or updating the firms existing policy is one of your greatest responsibilities. There are resources online that can provide templates for such policies. Be sure to review your policy annually. It is helpful to compare your firms performance with other companies in your industry to make sure you have all aspects of safety included in your policy.

Your policy sets for a statement of the basics regarding managing health and safety. It also includes information on what the protocol is in the event an employee is injured on the job.

Certain individuals will have the job of doing different things to manage safety regulations and these details should also be included in your policy. Who does what must be specified so everyone knows the specific actions they must take to prevent injuries or to handle the worker’s compensation claims if someone is injured.

The most important aspect of your responsibilities is making sure all reasonable precautions have been taken. Post the correct signage where possible. Train employees to know how to handle injuries or emergency spills. As long as you have taken all reasonable steps to prevent accidents you may not need to pay compensation in the event of an injury.

Find more information about handling health and safety law and directors responsibility online. The above information should be enough to give you a broad idea of what your responsibilities are.